Ingredients chosen and selected only in our island’s production as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey, hazelnuts, that whet the palate with an unexpectedmix of tastes and fragrances.

A slow and progressive dough rising process , that takes 36 hours, ensures quality and fragrance to our bakery products, fully respecting the traditions of “Madonie” cakes.

Miele di Nettare di Cardo

Traditionally produced without heat treatments, in the following flavours: nectar of citrus blossom, nectar of mixed flowers, nectar of eucalyptus, nectar of sulla clover and nectar of thistle.
350 gr.

List of selected products in the range:

  • Cubaita al Cioccolato

  • Miele di Nettare di Cardo

  • Marmellata di Fragole e Arance di Sicilia

  • Confettura Extra di Pera di Sicilia e Fave di Cacao