The “Bar Fiasconaro”. The “Mecca” for greedy.

The shop in Castelbuono is, today, a destination for those who want to taste Fiasconaro’s products and to experience the new proposals.

It’s the place where you can taste, all year long, the “Panettone”, a typical cake of Christmas tradition in Milan, rethought and reviewed in a Sicilian way, with a special attention to the tastes of the land, to the tradition, and to the respect for the rhythms of nature.

The Extra Bar, better known as Cafè Fiasconaro, is located in the principal square of Castelbuono, a medieval town near Palermo, one of the most fascinating places in the west coast of Sicily.

Castelbuono is 90km from Palermo ,it is located on the slopes of “Colle Milocca”and it’s surrounded by a forest of oaks and ashes in the center of “Madonie” Park.